Your car, always with you

Magica is the first iOS application that can monitor your car.
It is the personal assistant for your car.

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Magica in your hands

Introducing Magica

Magica is the application for iPhone that allows you to keep track of your car, consumption, costs, supply and all the data on your travels.

It works in complete autonomy, just open it, configure it and take care of tracking your trips by car.

You have a personal assistant for your car 24/7 that check your car every time you drive it.

Main features

Check your trips

Magic accompanies you on every journey and gives you all the information you want such as distances, consumption, costs and much more.

Manage refuelings

You can forget to write down your supplies, you can throw away the receipts from the gas station, Magica will do it for you!

Exports your data

Magic allows you to export all travel and supply data in PDF and CSV formats for easy sharing.

Recognize automatically when you're in the car

Magic is... magical! You can even forgive it. Recognizes yourself when you enter your car and when you leave, without asking for anything.

Tag your routes

You can tag your trips, "Work", "Vacation", everything you prefer, then export them quickly.

Detailed Statistics

Magica keeps track of all your travel data and shows you daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics.

Manage the deadlines

Insurance, car taxes, tire change and inversion, oil change, windshield wiper change, let Magica remind you of every deadline.

Car maintenance

Manage car maintenance with Magica. Enter all the deadlines and keep the costs of your car under control.

Don't worry about privacy

Magica does not distribute any data on your travels and all information will always remain on your device and on your iCloud .

It 's simple, we are not interested in your data and we do not watch nor take any information that remains saved on your device.

Magical features

Over 1 year of testing has allowed us to create the best application for the management of your car.

Recognize when you're driving

Thanks to the power of iOS and iPhone, Magica is able to recognize itself when you are driving and when you stopped.

Recognize if you're in your car

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, Magica is able to recognize automatically when you are in your car.
No matter worrying about putting it in your case it's not in your car.

Recognize when you're refueling

When you are near a gas station, Magica will understand and automatically ask you for information.

All consumption at your tap

You can say goodbye to distributors' receipts. Stop with calculations on consumption or costs.
Magica keeps track of everything by showing you the details.

Keep track of all trips

Magica tracks the movements and shows you every detail.
Distance, travel time, average and maximum speed, co / 2 emissions, consumption and costs, driving style and current weather. Every detail is available to you.

He always knows where you parked

Magic always knows where your car is parked.
Thanks to the Find my car feature, you will not have to waste time looking for it in that big parking lot.

Tag your trips

You can assign one or more tags to your trips so that you can easily recognize and search them, 'work', 'family', customize your trips!

Smart Refuelings

Magica manages refuelings in a smart way.
You can add a partial or a total refueling, the data will be calculated in order to always give you the right information.

Alongside workers

Have you a reimbursement of expenses from your workplace? You can enter the cost per KM/mile and Magica will calculate all the data for you. You can download the PDF report and give it to your employer or accountant.
With Magica you can manage your company fleet easily.

Magica takes care of your kids

With Baby Safety , Magica helps you not to forget the most important thing, your children.
When you finish driving you will receive a notification that reminds you of those traveling with you, even the little ones.

Export all your trips

You can export your trip data with a simple tap.
Choose the desired month and tap the icon at the top right, choose between PDF and CSV format and save your data.

Exports data from your refuelings

Do you have an activity and you have to register your fuelings? You can export supply data from Magica.
Select the month and tap on the icon at the top right, choose between PDF and CSV format and save your data.

Manage the deadlines

The deadlines section allows you to calmly manage every car deadline
For example, insurance and car taxes, but also maintenance such as changing the tires or the oil.

Manage maintenance costs

Thanks to the expirations section you can manage all maintenance costs.
Magica gives a summary of past expenses and future costs of all deadlines.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Magica:

My car is not on the list of available models, how can I do?

The car database is constantly updated. Currently it includes all the cars still in production. You can still select the model that is closest to yours or enter the data of your car manually.

Is my electric car supported?

We are working to add support to electric cars, especially to support cost management. You can use Magica but you have to pay attention to supplies. We will also support electric cars soon.

Is my hybrid car supported?

Currently Magica only supports one type of refueling per car, so you have to decide which one to keep under control.

Can I use the app without an internet connection?

You can use the application even if it is not connected to the internet. Recognition of refueling is the only feature that requires internet connection.

Can I use the app without the bluetooth?

Sure! Bluetooth is used to recognize the car you are traveling on. Just remember to stop tracking when you're not in your car, for example when you're on a train or a bus.

When I'm not in my car the application keeps recording, what can I do?

If you can not set your car's bluetooth, you can disable automatic recognition and start the application manually when you're in your car.

The application works in background?

Magica is .. magical! Even if you have closed the application it continues to run at low consumption-mode and record your travels. If you restart the iPhone or update it, remember to reopen it because it may happen that iOS does not reopen the application after these operations.

Can I register more than one car?

No, Magica works only with one car at a time.

I changed my car, what can I do?

You can always reset the data from the car settings, in this way all the data of your old car will be deleted and you can configure a new one.

What is the cost per Mileage?

The cost per Mileage is a cost entered by the user to manage any special car costs based on mileage. For example, it may be the cost per Mileage for work reimbursements.

How much battery does Magica use?

Magica was created to consume the minimum energy possible. When you are not driving, the application will turn off and start again when you resume moving. You can reduce consumption even further by using manual tracking.

Where are the data on my travels recorded? How safe is the app?

All your data is recorded within the application in a database protected by the operating system with the unlock code that you have set on the iPhone. We do not take or consult any data concerning your movements and positions.

Why did not Magica trace me the path?

It may happen that the operating system does not wake up the application after a reboot or an update. It can also happen that the GPS can not recognize the position of the device. It can rarely happen that Magica can not trace a trip.

Why I moved with the car a few meters but did not trace the trip?

Magica needs more precise information to determine a route, the minimum distance required is variable and can be at least 500 meters or more.

I stopped at a gas station, why did not he recognize my refueling?

If the gas station is very recent it is possible that the database is not yet updated, we work continuously to quickly update all this data.

Magica started to trace the route after a few kilometers, why?

Magica uses the functionality of the operating system to determine the location of the device and to minimize battery consumption turns off the GPS when not in the car. Depending on some conditions outside the application it is possible that the device can not wake up in time.