What Apple says about Magica

Thanks a lot to Apple for all the awards given to the Magica app on the App Store

Awesome features

Lots of features, for all needs!

  • Check your travels

    Magica accompanies you on every trip and gives you all the information you want such as distances, fuel consumption, costs and much more.

  • Manage supplies

    You can forget to write down your supplies, you can throw away the receipts from the distributor, Magica will take care of everything!

  • Export the data

    Magica allows you to export all travel and refueling data in PDF and CSV formats for easy sharing.

  • Riconosce automaticamente quando sei in auto

    Magica è… magica! Puoi anche dimenticartela. Riconosce da sola quando entri nella tua auto e quando esci, senza chiedere niente.

  • Tag your routes

    You can tag your routes, “Work”, “Vacation”, whatever you prefer, to be able to find and export them quickly.

  • Detailed statistics

    Magica monitors every data of your travels and shows you the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics.

  • Manage deadlines

    Insurance, road tax, service, tire change and reverse, oil change, wiper change, let Magica remind you of every deadline.

  • Car maintenance

    Manage car maintenance with Magica. Enter all deadlines and keep your car expenses under control.

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Why Magica?

It is the first and only application that allows you to manage your vehicles, in an intelligent and automatic way.

All vehicle and trip data

Magica is the digital assistant for your vehicle, be it the car, the motorbike or the scooter.
Track your trips, consumption, costs and all data related to your vehicles such as maintenance and deadlines.

Safe data on your device

Magica saves the data inside your device.
There is no server, no company that can see your data and your movements.
Magica is 100% safe.

It helps you in your work

Magica is the perfect companion for your work.
Tag your business trips, export the data to send to the accountant or to the expense reimbursement office.
With Magica you can keep all your working costs under control.









Application screenshot

We have designed the best application to manage your data. We have designed a beautiful graphical interface to represent your travels.

F.A.Q. (Frequent Asked Questions)

Magica has many features and is highly innovative. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

The car database is constantly updated.
It currently includes all cars still in production.
However, you can select the model that is closest to yours or manually enter the data of your car.

Yes, electric vehicles are fully supported.
If you have an electric car, you can manage the recharges and also consult the map of the columns.

Yes, hybrid cars are supported.
During the configuration of the car you will have to decide the main fuel on which the consumption calculations will be made.

You can use the application even if it is not connected to the internet. Refueling recognition is the only feature that requires connection.
The only feature that requires internet connection is the vehicle configuration.

Of course!
Bluetooth is used to recognize the car you are driving on.
You can also use an automation with Quick Commands and activate Magica when it connects to Car Play.
If you don’t use bluetooth or quick commands, just remember to stop tracking when you’re not in your car, for example when you’re on a train or bus.

If you cannot set the bluetooth of your car you can deactivate the automatic recognition and start the application manually when you are in your car.

Magic is .. magical! Even if you have closed the application it continues to run at low speed and to record your trips. If you restart your iPhone or update it, remember to reopen it because it may happen that iOS does not reopen the application after these operations.

Yes, Magica puts at your disposal an entire garage, you can enter all your vehicles!

Yes, you can create and configure any medium.
If you don’t find the make or model don’t worry, you can always enter the data manually.

You can add the new vehicle from your garage section.

Cost per KM/Mile is a cost entered by the user to manage any special car costs based on mileage. For example it can be the cost per KM/Mile of the ACI (for Italy but every countries as different service) for refunds.

Magica was created to consume as little as possible.
When you are not driving, the application turns off and restarts when you start moving again.
You can reduce your consumption even more by using manual tracking.

All your data is recorded within the application in a database protected by the operating system with the unlock code you set on the iPhone.
We do not take or consult any data concerning your movements and positions.

It may happen that the operating system does not wake up the application after a reboot or update.
It may also happen that the GPS fails to recognize the location of the device.
It can rarely happen that Magica is unable to trace a journey.

Magica needs more precise information to determine a route, the minimum distance required is variable and can be at least 500 meters or more.

If the distributor is very recent it is possible that the database is not yet updated, we work continuously to quickly update all this data.

Magica uses the functionalities of the operating system to determine the location of the device and to minimize battery consumption it turns off the GPS when you are not in the car.
Based on some conditions external to the application, it is possible that the device cannot wake up in time.

Magica uses the functionalities of the operating system to determine the location of the device and to minimize battery consumption it turns off the GPS when you are not in the car.
Based on some conditions external to the application, it is possible that the device cannot wake up in time.

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