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Main Features

  • It recognizes when you are driving

    Thanks to the power of iOS and Bluetooth technologies, Magica is able to recognize by itself when you are driving in your car and when you have stopped.
    This allows you to use the application without having to open it.

  • Track all trips

    Magica tracks the trips, analyzes them and calculates all the data in every detail.

    • distance
    • travel time
    • average speed
    • maximum
    • co/2 emissions
    • altitude
    • consumption
    • costs
    • driving style
    • weather forecast

    You can also add agency or business costs, toll costs and a personal note.

  • Tag your trips

    For each journey traveled, you can assign one or more tags.

    Work, family, vacation, you can group your trips by type and find out all the data on costs and consumption.

  • Refueling, charges and consumption

    You can say goodbye to receipts.
    In Magica you can enter all the supplies or charges you make.
    For each refueling, the costs per unit (liter of petrol, diesel, kg of methane or kwh of the refills), the quantity and the total cost will be analyzed.
    You can find out how much distance you travel for each refuel or refill and the average consumption.

  • Management of the deadlines of your vehicles

    The deadlines and maintenance section allows you to manage every deadline of your car, motorbike or scooter in peace.
    For example, insurance, road tax, coupons and inspections, but also routine maintenance such as reversing tires or changing oil.
    You will be able to find out all the running costs of your vehicles.

  • CarPlay support

    Magica is compatible with CarPlay and offers the app to use with the car screen.
    Just connect your iPhone to CarPlay with the USB cable or via WiFi and you can manage your car directly from the car screen.

  • Stress level

    Magica is able to recognize and analyze the (estimated) stress level during the trip. Apple Watch required.

  • Synchronization between devices

    Is the car used by more than one person? No problem!
    You can synchronize the data between the two devices, bring them closer and Magica will take care of the rest!

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More features you will love

  • Manage your car, your motorcycle or your scooter

    Add your vehicle, no matter if it’s a car, motorcycle or scooter.

    If you do not find the make or model in the list, create it from scratch, you just have to add the technical data of the displacement, consumption and emissions.

    (You can also report the missing vehicle to us and we will add it)

  • A garage with all your vehicles

    You can add as many vehicles as you want.

    The Magica garage has no borders, enter and manage all the vehicles you want, cars, motorcycles and scooters.

  • Full support for electric vehicles

    Magica is perfect for electric vehicles.

    Magica offers the map of electric outlets around the world thanks to the Open Charge Map and the charging panel has been specially designed for this type of vehicle.

  • Rate management

    If you do not want or cannot enter the refueling or refueling data, you can always manage the tariffs of the distributors or the electric columns, in this way Magica can calculate the costs of your vehicles in real time.

  • It recognizes when you are refueling or recharging

    When you find yourself at the distributor or at an electric column, Magica will understand this and will automatically ask you for refueling or recharging information.

    Magica also monitors consumption and will automatically inform you when it is necessary to refuel or a new recharge.

    (NB: Magica’s behavior depended on the method of use and makes predictions that in some circumstances may be incorrect)

  • Smart refueling

    Magica manages the refueling of thermal cars in an intelligent way.
    You can add a partial refueling or a total refueling (the famous ‘full’), the data will be calculated in order to always give you the right information.
    If your car is a hybrid, you can decide which of the two fuels to refuel

    If you always refuel at the same levels, Magica will be able to establish costs and consumption very precisely.

  • Merge the trips

    A trip is always pleasant but stops are mandatory.

    Now you can combine trips! Make as many stops as you like and then combine the broken journeys to find yourself a beautiful complete route!

  • Export all your travels

    You can export your travel data with a simple tap.
    Choose the desired month or period and stop on the icon at the top right, choose between PDF and CSV format and save your data.

  • Export your refueling or refill data

    Do you have a business and need to download fuel cards?
    You can export refueling or reloading data from Magica.

    Choose the desired month or period and stop on the icon at the top right, choose between PDF and CSV format and save your data.

  • Share your travels

    Do you want to share a trip on social networks like Instagram or Facebook?

    Use the sharing feature, create an image of your trip and share with a tap!

  • Alongside those who work

    Do you have to deliver the fuel cards? No fear!
    You can enter the business cost and the cost of the tolls and Magica will calculate your trips for you.

    You can download the report in PDF or CSV format and deliver it to your employer or accountant.

    With Magica you can manage your company fleet with ease.

  • Magica takes care of your children

    With Baby Safety, Magica helps you not to forget
    most importantly, your children.
    When you finish driving you will receive a notification reminding you of who is traveling with you, even the little ones.

  • Always knows where you parked

    Magica always knows where you left your car.
    Thanks to the Find My Car feature, you no longer have to waste time looking for it in that large parking lot.

  • Languages and units of measurement

    You can change the language and the unit of measurement at any time!

  • Automatic classification

    Automatic tagging and classification! For each Tag, you can define a time slot and one or more days of the week and Magica will automatically classify your trips.

  • Export and import trips

    You can export and import trips individually. So it’s easier to pass them to other devices.

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