The problems of couriers and how to solve them

8 April 2023

Couriers are a category of workers who play a fundamental role in the logistics and delivery of goods and packages. However, their activity also involves a series of challenges and difficulties related to the management of their vehicle, which can affect their safety, efficiency and profitability.

Some of the most common problems couriers face are:

  • The cost of fuel: the price of fuel is one of the main cost items for couriers, who have to travel many kilometers a day to reach their customers’ destinations. The cost of fuel can vary according to the geographical area, the season and the demand. To reduce fuel consumption, couriers can adopt some good practices such as planning the most efficient route, maintaining a constant speed and checking tire pressure regularly.
  • Vehicle maintenance: the vehicle is the work tool of the couriers, who must guarantee its proper functioning and compliance with current regulations. Vehicle maintenance takes time and money, and can lead to business interruptions in the event of a breakdown or accident. To prevent mechanical problems, couriers can follow a periodic maintenance schedule, check the condition of essential parts such as brakes, lights and mirrors, and have the vehicle serviced when necessary.
  • Road safety: couriers are exposed to various road risks, such as heavy traffic, adverse weather conditions, infringements by other road users and possible thefts or assaults. Road safety largely depends on the behavior of the couriers, who must respect the highway code, wear seat belts and any personal protective equipment, avoid distractions behind the wheel and rest adequately between one delivery and another.

These are just some of the problems couriers face when managing their vehicle. To improve the quality of their work and customer satisfaction, couriers can take advantage of some services and solutions offered by companies specializing in the logistics and mobility sector, such as Magica.

Magica for iOS is an app that offers couriers a series of functions for vehicle management and travel cost optimization.
The main features are:

  • Automatic trip recognition
    Thanks to the power of iOS and Bluetooth technology, Magica is able to recognize by itself when you are driving in your car and when you have stopped. This allows you to use the application without having to open it and to track all trips automatically. Magica analyzes all the data relating to your trips and calculates them in every detail.
  • Automatic classification
    If you also use the vehicle for personal trips, Magica is able to automatically classify business trips to be able to recognize them easily.
  • Supplies, charges and consumption
    With Magica you no longer have to worry about keeping receipts for supplies or top-ups you make. You will be able to enter all the data relating to your refueling and your refills and Magica will take care of analyzing the costs per unit (litre of petrol, diesel, kg of methane or kWh of refills), the quantity and total expenditure. Furthermore, you will be able to find out how much distance you travel per refueling or recharging and the average consumption.
  • Deadline management of your vehicles
    With Magica you will be able to manage every expiry date of your car, motorcycle or scooter in peace thanks to the section dedicated to expirations and maintenance. You will be able to keep under control the expiries of the insurance, the road tax, the coupons and the revisions, but also of the ordinary maintenance such as the reversal of the tires or the change of the oil. Furthermore, Magica will allow you to discover all the running costs of your vehicles.

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