Travel with Magica Mileage Tracker

8 April 2024

The complexities involved in organizing such trips require solutions that can offer efficiency and simplification.

In this context, Magica emerges as an innovative solution, promising to transform business travel management through an intuitive application that automates mileage tracking, manages travel costs and facilitates financial reporting.

With Magica, professionals can focus on the heart of their business, letting the application take care of the more tedious and repetitive aspects of their travels.

Automation of mileage tracking

The automatic mileage tracking functionality offered by Magica stands out for its ability to record routes without manual intervention, using GPS and motion recognition technology in the user’s device.

This automation eliminates the need to manually enter travel data, saving valuable time and increasing the accuracy of expense reports. As a result, professionals can enjoy a streamlined process that ensures accurate reporting that complies with company policies, making it easier to manage travel expenses

Vehicle supplies and maintenance

Magica offers tools to monitor vehicle supplies and maintenance, helping you manage costs and plan interventions efficiently.

Refueling detection is a useful tool so remember to enter the necessary data. By tracking fuel consumption and fuel costs, users get a clear view of their driving habits and potential savings.

Additionally, Magica facilitates maintenance scheduling by reminding users of the appointments needed to keep the vehicle in tip-top condition, thus ensuring safe and smooth business travel.

Data export and financial reporting

Data export is a key functionality for financial reporting.

Magica allows you to export all data on routes and refueling, including any recorded receipts, allowing users to generate detailed reports with one click.

This functionality is essential for professionals and companies, facilitating the management of travel expenses and ensuring compliance with company policies.

The ability to export data in widely used formats streamlines the expense approval process, saving time and improving the accuracy of financial reporting. In fact, Magica allows you to export in PDF and CSV formats, used by companies.

Privacy and data security

Business travel, with its frequent need for travel, expense management and reporting, represents a constant challenge for many professionals.

Magica places great emphasis on the privacy and security of user data, taking advanced measures to protect personal and travel information.

In fact, Magica does not save any data on any server, much less without the user’s consent.
The data is saved inside the device and protected by Apple’s encryption system.

Effective data protection results in greater user trust in the application.


Magica offers business travelers innovative solutions for automatic mileage tracking, fuel and maintenance expense management, and simplified financial reporting. It also ensures maximum data privacy and security.

Consider Magica as your digital travel assistant, optimizing every aspect of your business travel. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your travel experience.

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