How Magica Mileage Tracker was born (and why)

9 May 2023

Many of you ask me why I created the Magica app for iOS, because it’s really an app to manage cars and track journeys, actually it’s a rather particular story. Today I decided to tell you about it.

I’ve always been passionate about sports cars and have always tested and changed many cars.

The problem with changing a vehicle often is that you don’t have much knowledge of fuel consumption and the maintenance they need.

Driving very powerful vehicles such as large-engined cars or with large engines, Turbo Petrol or others, designed to have great performance, the question automatically arises: But how much does it consume?

The manufacturing companies declare consumption which is usually categorized as:

  • Urban; That is, you drive it in cities, on urban roads with lots of braking and at reduced speeds, below 60km/h;
  • Suburban; That is, driving on busy roads, including motorways;
  • Mixed; A mix of the two above. It is usually an average.

However, these consumptions are calculated on the basis of the tests carried out by the companies, the reality is very different.

A vehicle can consume in a totally different way based on many factors:

  • Speed;
  • Weather (temperature, wind etc);
  • Road conditions (uphill, downhill etc);
  • Condition of the vehicle (wear of the engine or other components);
  • Type of fuel (consumption varies based on the components of the fuel used (both petrol and diesel).

So determining how much a vehicle consumes is really complicated. Impossible I would say.

Including this, my question was: How do I know how much fuel my car consumes?

Well the answer was simple. I count the kilometers traveled with a full tank and I have the answer.

In fact it’s so. It’s really simple to do. But each time you can have a different result and you have to remember to keep track of the kilometers.

After a while it became complicated to manage and when changing the car it started to become impossible to even make a comparison.

When does this car consume more or less than the other one I had?

Impossible to know!

The solution was clear. I have to make an app that allows me to manage this whole process in a simple way.

But the app must be simple and absolutely automated.

I don’t want to write anything down, I don’t want to open it to write down the data. And there’s no app, to date, that does that.

Here Magica was born.

A fully automated application that allows you to record journeys, analyze them and determine how much a vehicle consumes.

Of course it does much more. Magica Mileage Tracker today is a software that allows you to manage any vehicle in total autonomy and automation.

The features are many, the main ones are:

  • Automatic route tracking;
  • Analysis of each route to determine costs, consumption, trend and so on;
  • Tracking of supplies and recharges of electric cars;
  • Analysis of each refueling to determine consumption;

These are the initial features Magica was born with and they are the most used ones, but the app is capable of much more:

  • Manage vehicle maintenance and deadlines, with deadline alerts. Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and deadlines such as road tax, insurance and so on;
  • Path to find the parked car;
  • Stress analysis while driving (Apple Watch required);
  • Environmental impact analysis;
  • Analysis on recurring trips;
  • Synchronization to manage the vehicle from multiple devices;
  • Refueling recognition (it notices if you are at a vending machine or a column);
  • Path classification to analyze or export them;
  • Data export for backup;
  • Management of mileage reimbursements (it is possible to export and send the data to the accountant or company to be reimbursed);
  • Version for CarPlay to have the data in the car screen;
  • Version for Apple Watch to manage the vehicle from the watch.

Magica is a truly complete app. It is a software for the management of the car and of each vehicle. It is an essential tool for those who work and very useful for all car enthusiasts.

But it’s also a useful app for those who want to know how much their car consumes and for those who want to manage maintenance and deadlines intelligently.

If you too are a car enthusiast or have curiosity or desire to manage your vehicle more efficiently, you can download Magica directly from the App Store.

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