Magica 4.1 is now on App Store

16 February 2024

The new version of Magica has just been released on the App Store with lots of new features.

We have reached version 4.1, a journey that began in 2018 and now this app is truly complete. But let’s see together what’s new.

Let’s start by talking about troubleshooting. The app is used by many users and thanks to them I was able to identify the most common problems and solve them.

I can’t help but thank them all, they are, indeed you are truly unique! 🎉

New features

New automatic tracking option

Automatic tracking (Bluetooth, BLE and automatic) now has a new functionality linked to CarPlay.
Now you can decide whether, once connected to CarPlay, the trip recording will automatically start.

It is a very useful option because sometimes iOS does not immediately notify the app that we are driving, so we can drastically increase precision without affecting battery consumption in the slightest.

New trip saving system

I rewrote the trip saving system to make it more performant.
With the new method you can save up to 90% of disk space!

Trip comparator

Magica is increasingly useful for those who pay attention to consumption and pollution.
With the new travel comparator it is possible to find out which route is cheaper, shorter and faster but also which allows us to pollute less.

System of units of measurement

I have simplified the choice of unit system, now it is possible to choose directly between the metric and imperial systems.

Documents in supplies

You asked me and I did it! Now it is possible to insert a document (a photo, a scan or a PDF) at each refueling. Very useful for saving receipts.
From the supply list it is also possible to download all the saved documents, useful, isn’t it?

Change of travel address

Another feature you asked me for, the ability to change the name of travel addresses. Now you can do it and it’s very useful for the next feature too.

Trip search by address

Now you can search for trips by address! Just write part of the address in the search bar and here are your trips, easy, right?

Choose your new icon

For those who love to customize the iPhone Springboard or for those who want to vary it a bit, I have made 6 new app icons available, choose the one you prefer!

In conclusion

Here are all the new features of Magica 4.1, I’m really happy with this new update! But it’s not over, there will be many more news soon!
Let me know what you think and message me if you need support or want more new features!