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Start recording a trip with CarPlay

11 March 2024

Did you know that if you have CarPlay you can start recording a trip as soon as you connect your iPhone to the car?
Read on to discover this amazing feature!

More and more cars have CarPlay and Android Auto, some with cable and some via WiFi.

The Apple system is really very useful, it allows you to use the iPhone features directly from the vehicle monitor, music, radio, telephone, podcast and with Magica, even trip recording and information on the vehicle status.

Thanks to Magica, in fact, it is possible to keep track of every route taken with your car, whether for work, for example if you are a courier, taxi driver or driver of any vehicle, or for holiday trips or simply to keep track of trips. to go to work.

To make recording precision even simpler and more efficient, I have introduced the possibility of starting a route directly from the CarPlay connection.

And then just get into the car, connect the iPhone (if you have CarPlay WiFi it will do it automatically) and voilà! Registration started.

You don’t have to think about anything. The moment you get out of the car the recording will stop automatically.

How to activate it

To activate this functionality the step is really simple and short.

Go to Magica’s tracking settings. All automated tracking systems now have a new button in the advanced configuration “Start with CarPlay”.

Set this button to ON and you’re done! Simple right?

If you haven’t tried Magica yet and you want to find out how much your car consumes, how much you actually spend on your trips and you also want to manage all costs and maintenance, you can download it by clicking this button! It costs nothing to try it!

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