How much does my car pollute?

22 December 2022

Lately many people ask themselves this question but answering it is not so simple.

Many try to ask Google, which responds with technical and difficult to understand questions.

In fact, the subject is complicated, it depends on the type of car, its engine, the type of fuel and then, how much we drive the vehicle.

Every car has its own value of CO/2 which is emitted from exhaust fumes during a journey.

So if you have a diesel car, perhaps from about ten years ago and you travel 50 kilometres, you will have emitted a CO/2 value compared to making the same journey with a petrol or hybrid car.

The same applies if you take a longer or shorter route.

Magica calculates it for you

Using Magica daily, this calculation is done automatically and you can find out how much your car is ecological or polluting.

Going forward in time, after the first year of use, you will then discover how harmful a petrol vehicle is compared to a LPG hybrid or even an electric one.

For example, this is the result with a petrol vehicle after 1 year and 13,000km travelled.

A good 1,726 kg of CO/2, you read that right. A good one thousand and seven hundred twenty-six kilos. I’m not kidding.

This is the result with a petrol/LPG hybrid car after 1 year and 12,300km (slightly less than the other).

Definitely less, even if a lot of CO/2, a good 1,282 kg.

Obviously with a fully electric car things change completely.

An electric car does not emit CO/2 when travelling, so it does not produce CO/2.

The production of carbon dioxide takes place during phases outside the movement of the car, ie in the production of electricity (only when renewable sources are not used) and in the production/distribution of products.

I created this application with the curiosity to find out what my ecological footprint was on our planet and the desire for you to discover it too.

If you too want to become more responsible about the choices that can improve our children’s future, you can start by informing yourself on the subject and, if you deem it useful, start using Magica.