Why use a Mileage Tracker app

22 December 2022

Millions of people move around with their own cars every day, some for work, some for leisure, some out of necessity.

But very few people realize how much they consume, how much they spend and how much they pollute.

Taking responsibility for pollution also leads to economic savings and these days there is so much need.

A Mileage Tracker app can help you keep your car’s consumption and costs under control, also making you responsible for how much your vehicle can pollute and perhaps adopt more ecological behaviors.

Not only that, if you are a worker, an app of this kind allows you to keep track of trips, supplies and helps you fill in the documents for both corporate and ACI-based refunds.

How does an app do all this?

Thanks to the technologies that are inside every Smartphone, we are able to understand if we are walking, running or even driving.

With these technologies and a lot of innovation, we are able to understand not only if we are driving but also for how long, the direction and the path.

By combining this information and that of the vehicle we are travelling, we can discover the costs of each journey, consumption and ecological impact. But not only!

Why use Magica

Magica is the ultimate Mileage Tracker for iPhone.

Thanks to this app you will be able to know the details of each of your trips, the status of the car, manage consumption and much more.

The information of all these data is well stored inside your iPhone and no one can steal or spy on you. You can read more information in this article.

Using Magica is very simple. Once installed and open you can choose a standard configuration to start using the app right away and continue adding details later.

Scegli tra 3 impostazioni: SUV, Utilitaria, Sportiva

Alternatively, you can immediately enter the data of your car, choosing the make and model from those available, or enter the data manually if your car is not on the list.

Premi il pulsante "Configura il tuo veicolo"

Once the car has been configured, you will only have to choose how to track the journeys.
There are 3 methods:

  1. Automatically, regardless of the vehicle. You don’t have to do anything, just get in your car and drive.
    However, this involves recording any journey, even when you are not in your car;
  2. Automatically connected to your car’s Bluetooth Audio. This is the most classic method. Magica is able to recognize when you are in your car and automatically track each journey. It is the most magical and automatic method possible in the face of greater battery consumption if you do not charge the iPhone in the car;
  3. Automatically, connected to the car with Car Play. If you own a car with Car Play, you can set up Quick Commands and start tracking the journey every time you connect your iPhone to Car Play. It is the method that allows you to save the most on battery consumption.

Choosing this setting, you are ready. You just get in your car and travel.

Lots of features

But it doesn’t end there! Magica has many useful features for every type of user:

  1. Worker, you use your car or vehicle to work;
  2. Common driver, you use the car to get around every day or on weekends;
  3. Occasional driver, you use the car for specific and occasional trips.

Magica has features for every type of driver! Let’s see them together!

Trip details, complete

Information is never enough and Magica shows you all!

  • Start and end dates and times
  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Average speed
  • Full speed
  • CO/2 emissions
  • Consumption
  • Weather forecast
  • Driving score
  • Altitude
  • Initial and final odometer
  • Cost of consumption
  • Cost of the toll
  • Reimbursable cost (e.g. reimbursement based on ACI rates)
  • Note

With all this information you can keep every trip under control!

Moreover you can also tag and categorize every commute, work, vacation, travel with friends and so on.
This way you can easily search for each trip and discover its details and statistics as we will see later.

Each trip is modifiable, so you can make adjustments even at a later time and not only, you can also create them manually, for example to insert past ones.


If you need to keep track of supplies, Magica is the app for you!

You can enter both past and real-time supplies.

Unlike all the other Mileage Tracker apps, Magica records journeys in real time and the mileage, estimated consumption and factory consumption are automatically calculated for each refueling.

The initial odometer value is also recorded and you can change it whenever you want for better accuracy.

Magica manages all types of cars:

  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Methane
  • LPG
  • Methanol
  • Hybrid
  • Electric

When the registered supply drops below a critical quota, Magica warns you and recommends the closest distributor.
If, on the other hand, you have refueled and are forgetting to insert it, Magica notices it and suggests it to you!


Owning a car is a responsibility, there are many things to keep in mind such as the expiry of the insurance, that of the road tax, the coupon and even the MOT.

Not to mention maintenance such as oil changes, tire reversal and so on.

Magica has a special section for deadlines and car maintenance.

You can enter all commitments with every detail, the expected cost, the deadline and even when to be notified with a notification.


With all this data, why not have detailed statistics?
How much do I consume in a month? How much to go to work? How many refuelings did you do and where?

Magica divides statistics into 2 types:

  • Do you travel
  • Supplies


In these statistics you will find all the travel data. You can filter by date, by period and even by tag.


In these statistics you will find all the data on supplies. You can filter by date and by period.

Export data

If you work and need to register and download costs or get reimbursements, you will love this feature.

You can export journey and refueling data both in a convenient and complete PDF and in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format that can be imported into Microsoft Excel.

The operation is simple, choose the period you want to export and tap on Export. Done!

The exported data is also complete with the initial and final odometer value, as required by accountants and many companies.

Annual report

At the beginning of the year you will have a handy and attractive report of the past year with some very nice and useful statistics!

Baby safety

Days are complicated and hard, they often put us to the test, Magica wants to help you by providing you with a very useful notification.
Baby safety reminds you, every time you conclude a journey, not to leave anyone in the car. Simple but very useful!

Charging columns

Electric cars are spreading very fast.

All owners of an electric car know how important it is to know the position of the electric columns during a journey.

Magica, thanks to the collaboration with OpenChargeMap, provides the complete Italian map of the electric columns and their status.
In this way you will always know where and when you can load your car during your travels.

In conclusion

Using a car management and travel tracking app (Mileage Tracker) has become indispensable, both for those who work on a vehicle and for those who travel for leisure.

Magica is the most complete Mileage Tracking application for iPhone and iOS.

It is compatible with all iPhones running iOS 15 or higher.

You can find it on the AppStore, try it now!