Insert a refill or refill

10 January 2023

Tracking journeys is very useful but one of the most interesting and used features is the management of supplies or top-ups (if you have an electric car).

Magica allows you to manage refueling in a complete way, for classic combustion cars, hybrid and electric ones.

The calculation of the distance traveled is automatically calculated by Magica based on the journeys recorded.

However, it is possible to manually calculate the distance based on the entered odometer value. In this way the calculation system is detached from recorded trips.

You find this option in Magica settings.

Classic combustion cars

You can add a refueling by going to the appropriate section and using the button at the top right to add a new refueling.

  • The screen allows you to add the following data:
  • Date and time of refueling
  • Position in the distributor map
  • The cost of fuel per litre
  • The total entered
  • Selection if it is a full or a partial supply
  • Odometer reading at refueling

In the screen there is also an auto selection of some pre-compiled totals to speed up the compilation.

Once all the data has been entered, just press the Save button.

Hybrid cars

For hybrid cars, the refueling system is identical to that of classic combustion cars, but there is one more option and that is the fuel type selector.

Electric cars

For electric cars, the compilation form differs for some details, the proposed data are therefore:

  • Date and time of recharge
  • Position on the map of the column
  • The cost of the recharge per KWH
  • The number of KWH recharged
  • The total cost of reloading
  • Odometer reading at refueling

In the screen it is then possible to see the percentage of the recharge based on the battery capacity.