Trip tracking methods, which one to use

9 January 2023

Magica is able to automatically recognize when you are in the car and travelling.

You can choose up to 5 tracking methods, based on your car and your preferences.

  1. Automatic
  2. Manual
  3. Bluetooth BLE
  4. Bluetooth Audio
  5. Shortcuts


The automatic method is the most convenient method if you want to try the app.

It automatically recognizes when you are in the car and on the road and starts recording automatically.

Even if the application is in the background, i.e. not open on the iPhone, Magica is able to automatically recognize the trip.

It needs some time to recognize the trip, depending on its status and the movement of the phone. Up to 800/900 meters.

But don’t worry, after the first trip, Magica manages to retrace the route backwards and doesn’t make you lose even 1 metre.

If you want greater precision in recognizing the start of the journey, it is possible to get the “Maximum performance” function which forces Magica to always remain open and continuously check the status. However, this feature will increase battery consumption.


As the name suggests, this mode allows you to manually decide when you want to start recording.

The app will do nothing until you manually start a trip.

Bluetooth BLE

This mode behaves like the automatic one but requires a Bluetooth BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) device.
Any Bluetooth Tag can be used. Just connect it with Magica.

Look for the Tag in the device list and press the “Connect and Save” button.

Remember to restart Magica when you switch your phone off and on again or when you update your operating system.

Bluetooth Audio

This mode behaves like the automatic one but needs to be synchronized with the car’s Bluetooth audio.

To configure Bluetooth, just press the appropriate button and choose the desired channel from the list. Remember to do this only after turning on the car and connecting the iPhone to the car.


This mode allows you to configure a shortcut to open Magica and start a journey.

For example, it is possible to start a journey as soon as Magica is connected to CarPlay or to the power cord.

It is a very useful and fully configurable mode from the iPhone.

End of the travel

Magica automatically recognizes when you get out of the car and stop travelling, you don’t have to worry about anything, it does everything by itself!


Remember that all automatic modes (Automatic, Bluetooth Audio) are managed by the operating system. If you voluntarily close the app (kill), restart the phone or update the operating system, you must remember to reopen Magica, because for these situations the operating system does not allow you to reopen it automatically.

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