The best apps for traveling by car with CarPlay

23 November 2023

If you’re a road trip enthusiast and own a CarPlay-enabled vehicle, you’ve got the key to turning your journey into an extraordinary experience. With the right combination of apps, you can make every mile memorable. In this article, we’ll explore the best applications to use during your car travels with CarPlay, combining convenience, entertainment, and safety.

1. Google Maps: The Ultimate Navigation

Let’s kick off with an undeniable classic: Google Maps. Its intuitive interface and precise directions make navigation a breeze. With CarPlay, you can enjoy the same reliability and accuracy right on your dashboard. With features like real-time traffic updates and road condition alerts, Google Maps is an essential companion for every traveler.

Download it here: Google Maps

2. Waze: Your Social Navigation Partner

If you want more than just navigation and crave real-time information from the driving community, Waze is the app for you. With CarPlay, you can access road reports, traffic alerts, and even find the best fuel prices without diverting your attention from safe driving.

Download it here: Waze

3. TuneIn Radio: The Soundtrack of Your Journey

The road is more enjoyable with the right music. TuneIn Radio offers a wide range of radio stations, podcasts, and programs, all accessible directly from your CarPlay dashboard. Customize the soundtrack of your journey based on your mood or discover new genres as you traverse breathtaking landscapes.

Download it here: TuneIn Radio

4. WhatsApp: Safe Communication on the Road

Safety is paramount while driving, and WhatsApp on CarPlay allows you to stay connected without dangerous distractions. Listen to and reply to messages while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. A smart way to stay in touch with friends and family without compromising safety.

Download it here: WhatsApp

5. Apple Podcasts: Informative Entertainment

Make the most of your time in the car by learning something new or enjoying the latest podcasts. Apple Podcasts on CarPlay provides immediate access to a vast library of content, from captivating storytelling to the latest news and in-depth discussions on topics of interest.

Download it here: Apple Podcasts

6. Magica Mileage Tracker: Keep Track of Your Journey

Beyond navigation and entertainment, it’s essential to monitor the details of your journey. Magica Mileage Tracker on CarPlay simplifies travel expense management, tracking the miles traveled and providing a detailed report of your expenses. A valuable ally for anyone looking to keep their budget in check.

Download it here: Magica Mileage Tracker

A Safe and Exciting Guide

In conclusion, the combination of Google Maps, Waze, TuneIn Radio, WhatsApp, Apple Podcasts, and Magica Mileage Tracker transforms your car journey into an unparalleled experience. Safety is crucial, and with CarPlay and these intelligent apps, you can enjoy a secure, informative, and exciting trip. Prepare your favorite playlist, plan the perfect route, and savor every moment on the road. With these apps, the journey becomes an integral part of the destination. Safe travels!